I Can Pay Someone To Do That? 20 Odd Jobs You Can Hire Someone To Do

Your most important resource is your time. It’s limited, non-renewable, and needs to be allocated to the things in life that really matter. But, as a homeowner, sometimes tasks and chores around the house pile up and eat into time that could be better spent elsewhere. That’s where a handyman steps in. You can hire someone to do all those things around the house that you lack the time or know-how to accomplish. Here are some examples: 

1. Fix a Leak 

If you’ve got a leaky faucet or a persistent drip in the kitchen, chances are a handyman can help you solve the issue–and any other minor plumbing issues you might have. 

2. Painting 

Painting can be messy. Sometimes it’s best to hire someone with more experience. A handyman can handle everything from picking up paint to the final cleanup. 

3. Install Lighting 

Sometimes you just need someone to shed a little more light on the subject–literally. A handyman can install lights and fans and replace fixtures. 

4. Deck and Porch Repair


Enjoying your neck is much more satisfying than sanding, staining, or repainting. You can hire a handyman to fix your deck or porch while you prepare to enjoy your outdoor fixture. 

5. Install Custom Baby Gates

Count on us to baby-proof your home. Keep your child off of stairs and out of rooms that could be dangerous to babies with custom baby gates.

6. Flooring

Replacing carpet, refinishing hardwood, repairing subfloor–it all falls under the purview of the handyman. You want the floor under your feet to be secure. A handyman can help. 

7. Door Repair

Doors can be difficult. If they aren’t hanging correctly, they can catch or drag and cause numerous problems. Let a handyman fix any issues you’re having. 

8. Furniture Assembly

No one likes following all those detailed and confusing instructions anyway.  

9. Tile Repair

Repairing and replacing the tile in your bathroom or kitchen is the perfect excuse to hire a professional. 

10. Outdoor Upgrades

Planting bushes? Laying sod? Need a tree trimmed? Hire a handyman. 

11. Appliances

Installing and setting up your appliances can be difficult work. A handyman can do all that and more, making sure that maintenance and repairs are carried out as well. 

12. Detail Work

A job unfinished or finished poorly will never look quite right. If you want your home projects to look professional, then hire a handyman to handle the detail work like caulking, trim, and painting. 

13. Pressure Washing

Hiring a handyman to pressure wash can help keep things clean and increase the curb appeal of your home. 

14. Bathroom/Kitchen Remodels

They may be the most common home renovations but a handyman makes bathroom and kitchen remodel easier! 

15. Drywall Repair

Holes happen. A handyman can help. 

16. Install TVs

Getting a new TV is exciting to say the least, however, getting it set up and ready to go can be a bit frustrating. We will get your tv fixed up how you want it so that you can get back to relaxing as soon as possible!

17. Install A Basketball Goal

Every kid (and adult) needs a basketball goal, right? Let us install yours for you!

18. Garage Organization 

Maybe you don’t need more space. Maybe what you need is more shelving and storage. 

19. Gutter Repair

Your gutters need to be cleaned at least twice a year. A handyman can save you from the risk and make sure your drainage system is functioning properly. 

20. Almost Anything Else! 

There are so many other things that a handyman can help with! 

Call Scout Home Services and let us help get your to-do list to-done!