Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Introducing color into your home is a great way to express your own personality or turn an otherwise bland room into a memorable experience. While monochrome, neutral, and minimalistic design schemes don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, color and texture can help to add character to your home. 

Here are several easy ways to add color to your home: 

Introduce Textiles

Anything from an area rug to a throw pillow falls under the textile umbrella. Blankets and soft surfaces can help to warm up any grey or beige room. Too often textiles are an afterthought. Instead, make incorporating color through rugs, blankets, and throws a primary part of your design scheme. Pinterest is a great place to look for inspiration! 

Flowers and Plants


If you have a green thumb, then incorporating plants into your home is a great way to add color. And it doesn’t have to be all green. Flowers can provide pops of yellow, violet, red, and pink. If you can’t decide on a particular plant or struggle to keep succulents alive? No worries! Opt for bouquets and arrangements. You can cycle those out once a week! 

Choose a Statement Piece

Sometimes all you need is one spectacular piece of furniture for the hungry eye to feast upon. A colorful armchair, headboard, or piece of art can fill a monochrome room with light and levity. If you’re afraid of overwhelming the other pieces in your home, then opt for a softer hue. Speaking of softer colors…

Start with Soft Colors

You may not want to paint your entire home–especially with a bright primary color. From a financial perspective, it can be expensive. From a visual standpoint, it might be overwhelming. Start small. Pick a small room, a soft hue, and a limited scope. It’s common to introduce muted colors in the bathroom. See how that sits with you and then expand from one room to another. 

Look Outside

Maybe you don’t need to add color to the interior of your home at all. Try to introduce plants and fixtures outside to incorporate color to your home. Have you thought about painting your front door? 

Transforming a house into your home is a process. It might be the case that you need help. Fortunately, Scout Home Services is here to help! 

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