How to Improve the Look of Your Deck

If you want to invite yourself and your guests from the interior of your home to the exterior, look no further! A deck is a perfect way to aid the transition. A beautiful deck is a great place to relax. It serves as an additional living space where you can entertain and enjoy the rest of your landscaping. 

Here are a few ways to upgrade your yard and improve the look of your deck: 



If your deck has been in use for several years it’s probable that it needs refinishing. How you go about this is determined by the finish itself. If your deck is stained, you might restain. Painted? Then maybe a fresh coat of paint is called for. Either way, improving the look of your deck starts with making sure that the structure itself is sound and sealed. If you don’t know where to start, asking a professional like Scout Home Services can help eliminate the guesswork. 


After you’ve refinished your deck it’s time to dress it up a little bit. If you can see other homes–especially your neighbor’s windows–you might need a bit more privacy. Adding latticework or a line of shrubbery can cull peeping Toms and give your family some added privacy. While you’re planting shrubs or vines for your latticework, why not incorporate a few edibles? A deck is a perfect place to have a small herb garden to use in the kitchen. 

Focus On Furnishings

Improving the comfort of your deck will make it easier to spend more time outdoors. A firepit, attractive and durable furniture, and a few fixtures will make the space more inviting. Lighting–especially indirect lighting used in the evenings–can transform your deck and give it a professional look and feel. 

Add Shade Or A Roof

Direct sunlight can be great when you’re trying to get a tan; however, it can be brutal when you’re just relaxing on a hot summer day. Adding an awning or partial roof above your deck can give you the escape you need from the sun, help keep you cool, and improve the look of your deck at the same time. If you have usable space beneath your deck, adding an under-deck roof can keep rainwater from washing it out and can turn what otherwise would be a damp, dark space into a cool, comfortable retreat. 

A beautiful, well-kept deck can improve the look of your home dramatically. And Scout Home Services can help make your deck a showstopper! Don’t have a deck? No problem! We can even help you start from scratch! 

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