Welcome to the Team!

Welcome! Here are a few tasks we need you to complete as part of our onboarding process.

To Do Items

Basic Info

The basics for our records and a few questions we use to create a bio:

Basic Info Form


We use GroupMe for team communication. Download the GroupMe app and create a profile. Once you do that you can click on one of the options below to gain access to our thread.

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Independent Contractor Agreement

Legal stuff meant to protect Scout and the company's loyal Handymen. This agreement outlines the following in more detail:

  • You work as an Independent Contractor, not an Employee
  • Your payment percentage will increase after 6 Months and 1 Year
  • You agree not to share sensitive information concerning the company and our clients
  • You are encouraged to have your own General Liability Policy
  • You agree not to work for Scout clients outside of company operations
  • Upon leaving the company you agree not to solicit Scout clients or hire Scout handymen

Scout IC Agreement Updated 10:18:23

Email the Signed Agreement to seth@scouthome.services