Welcome to the Team!

There are a few tasks we need you to complete as part of our onboarding process. This page also contains some helpful information you might refer back to as you become familiar with our systems and procedures.

Once you complete the training videos and sign the Independent Contractor Agreement you will be ready to take on new work.

To Do Items

Basic Info

The basics for our records and a few questions we use to create a bio:

Basic Info Form


We use GroupMe for team communication. Download the GroupMe app and create a profile. Once you do that you can click on one of the options below to gain access to our thread.

Scout Newsletter

Sign up for our Customer Newsletter so you are aware of significant announcements and promotions.


Our accountant will send you a link to set you up for direct deposit. She will also send an invitation for you to download an app that we use to upload receipts. 

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Independent Contractor Agreement

Legal stuff meant to protect Scout and the company's loyal Handymen. This agreement outlines the following in more detail:

  • You work as an Independent Contractor, not an Employee
  • Your payment percentage will increase after 6 Months and 1 Year
  • You agree not to share sensitive information concerning the company and our clients
  • You are encouraged to have your own General Liability Policy
  • You agree not to work for Scout clients outside of company operations
  • Upon leaving the company you agree not to solicit Scout clients or hire Scout handymen

Download the Agreement

Email the Agreement to seth@scouthome.services

Training Guide and Videos

These videos will show you how to use the software that we use to schedule jobs as well as send quotes and invoices.

Important! Do not create your own account! Once you have signed the IC Agreement we will send you an invitation to join our company account.


How To Claim a Job From the Job Board

How to Log an Appointment

How To Send an On-Site Assessment Invoice

How to Send a Quote

How to Send an Invoice

How to Manually Enter Credit Card Details